How to Mind Map

Mind mapping is a great process for exploring thoughts, either as an individual or as a group. The steps involved are simple, as follows.

Mind Mapping Steps

  1. Start with a central idea, in the middle of your mind map.
  2. Add second layer ideas to the map, and join them to the central idea with lines.
  3. From here on, just repeat, any idea that has further ideas associated with it, just add them, and draw lines linking them to the previous one.

Options for Mind Mapping

This can be done on a piece of paper, white board, flip chart. Alternatively there are myriad websites and software applications that enable this process. The advantage of software, is that it’s easier to move ideas around, you don’t need an eraser!

Click play on the video below to see a great demo of how to mind map using Mind Doodle.

How to Mind Map video

How to Mind Map, using